1957 Century Viking

I carefully took the bow of the boat apart, and pulled the engine. All seats were removed, and wiring
harness was saved for later.The bulkhead and doors were disassembled and saved for patterns. The gas tank was removed and trashed.

All rotted wood was removed and replaced with new mabogany.

Part of the keel was rotten, so I used the old keel's measurements to made a new one.

Replaced old deck, with new deck.

Marine Mahogany plywood.

I did the same thing with the bulkhead.

That plywood was expensive. $75.00 a sheet. I needed three of them.

Putting the bow back together.

Heres a look at the finished product.

Next is the wiring harness. I saved the old harness, and shipped it off to a guy who makes boat harnesses professionally. Here's me, and my good friend Chris installing the wiring harness.

It helps to have a friend who's an electrical engineer, and will work for beer.

Break time!

Painted the bilge. Installed battery, muffler, steering linkage, bilge pump, engine mounts, prop shaft, gas line, and shifting lever....... Ready for engine.

Motor is completely rebuilt.

Pop and I hoisting the engine up.

Lining up the engine and bolting her down.

I refinished all wooden seats, and wooden engine cover.

Here's the finished product.


The trailer is made by EZ Loader. I installed a new wiring harness, lights, and bunker boards.




 I also won an award for my boat.

This boat is for sale......Asking price is $7500.00. If interested , please contact me through my blog.



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