Jeep M-715 Restoration

This page is dedicated to my brother Tony who got me interested in restoring my military truck. I have enjoyed the restoration of my Dodge M-37 as much as my brother has in his Jeep. The thing I enjoy the most is our conversations on the phone about which truck can out perform the other. I must say that both trucks are very cool, and I hope you will enjoy the pictures of my brother's truck posted below.

I think my brother found his truck on Craig's List somewhere out west, and had it trucked home.

Home in the driveway.

The truck is pretty solid. Rust free!!

Heres a first look at the engine

So,  my brother has done alot of work on his truck since we last have talked. I'm going to start with the inside of the cab first.

The whole truck was painted a(Military) desert sand color.

He purchased a new selector switch for his lights, and new gauges for his dash board.

He painted the cab floor with a non-skid Black paint.

He had  new canvas seat covers made and installed. He purchased some Military seat belts for the driver and passenger seats. Nice touch!!!

I bought my brother a vintage military trouble light on ebay and he installed it on his battery box. Looks good Bro!! The fire extinguisher is in a great location...very handy, but out of the way.

My brother had a wooden tool/parts box built for his truck. Its pretty handy... he keeps all his rigging gear and extra trucks parts for four- wheeling in the mountains.

Fill that box up brother!!

Here are some shots of the truck Completed.

Out on the range.

More to come.

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