M-101 Trailer

Yes!!!! I found an M-101 trailer to go with my Dodge M-37. I'm a happy Man!! I found this trailer 48 miles from my home. It's in great shape....just a few dents I have to pound out, and  alot of prep work.  Here are some pictures of the trailer the secound day home.


Each wheel has it own hand brake.

The trailer is already wired for 12 volts. Lights, and turn signals work fine.


Front and rear jack stands are in great shape.


Trailer frame and axle seems to be in good shape. I will know more after restoration is completed.

The wood on the trailer is in good shape. I think I can run it through my wood planer and stain the wood to match my truck wood.

The best part of this trailer I think are the wheels. The rims match my truck rims, and the tires(McCreary Super lug) are brand new. It's same kind of tires I would like to put on my Dodge next year.   Here's the best part of all...... The trailer date(MFD) is the same as my Dodge M-37. That's Cool!!! Ok tha'ts it for now. There will be more pictures to come as the restoration is being completed.

I had to take a couple days to clean the garge to make room for my restoration project. I got alot of work done today on my M101. First, I had to remove a welding project from the bed pan of the trailer. That took awhile. It was alot of cutting and grinding.


And after.

There was one in front of the fender, and one in the back of the fender.

You can see both in this picture. You can also see some dents in the fender that need some fixing.

I separated the box from the trailer

Now I need to separate the axle and trailer tongue from the frame.

The E-brake cables are bad and need to be replaced.

Same thing with the lights. The mounting screws snapped off when I tried to remove the lights from the frame. Plus,  both light housings are cracked. Thankfully the wiring harness is in great shape.

The shackle pins to the leaf springs were completely seized up. They have not been greased in a while. I soaked pins with penetrating oil and worked the shackles back and forth with a crowbar until they worked free. I put the pins and shackles in my parts cleaner to soak over night.

I would like to take the time to thank my two brothers Tony and Chris for buying this parts washer for me on my birthday this year. Thanks guys it works great!!

Heres another important tool for your toolbox. I needed three of these to brake those shackles loose.

Boy, I thought I would never get these leaf; springs off the frame.


It pays to have a neat bench so you know where all your tools are at all times.

Here she is boys.......just the frame and nothing else. The frame should be ready for paint in a couple of days.

Well,  after scraping and grinding for about a week straight the frame is painted and really to be put back together. The paint I used on the frame is the same paint I used on my truck frame its called Chassy Saver. Good stuff.....but don't get it on ya .

I strip all the paint off all the parts and then apply the Chassy saver. I don't own a sandblaster so all parts are cleaned by hand grinder and wire brush. I know that sounds crazy but, sandblasting is a lot of money.

Heres some parts cleaned and painted.

Restalled leaf springs, shackles and pins.

Disassembled the axle and pianted it.

Next are the brakes .  Disassembled brakes from pans and pianted everything.

E-brake was disassembled cleaned up and painted.

The E-brake stafted was seized up. Each part was clean up painted and reassembled.

The hubs were put in the parts washer over night to soak. The next day, I Wire brushed the out side housing and painted it with chassy saver black.



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    1. Thanks Tony. This trailer is going to be mint when I'm done with it.

  2. Another great job Mike, very nice late M101. I have one too, built one year after my truck, but was set up for two generators, so lots of extra holes to patch, on the plus side is the M37 fuel tank they installed under the body. If I can figure out a transfer fuel line, it would double the range. Please keep up the good work, it is positive motivation. Best regards, F Novak

    1. Sorry Sgt tacklebury..... I have not been on my blog page in a long time. I have done so much to my truck and trailer since I posted my last picture. But thank you for your intrest in my blog page, and all the nice comments. I would love to see pictures of your truck and trailer.....my email address......petrella105@verizon.net